Our Services


Trucking Services

Crum has been trucking since 1963 and can offer a variety of services to meet your needs. 

  • LTL to TL consolidation​
  • Multi-stop "milkruns"​
  • JIT/Expedited transportation
  • Pool distribution​​
  • Return container management​
  • Value-added services
  • General Truckloads and Large LTL
  • US and Canada operating authority
  • Service to and from Mexico

Our Equipment

The entire fleet consists of Volvo trucks with the majority of them equipped with Cummins engines.  A high percentage of trailers are Dry Van with a few specialized trailers in the fleet to accommodate customers' needs. 

​Crum stays current with low emission regulations; they now have several trucks with 2010 emissions which require DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).  There are also plans to outfit all trailers with wind wings which dramatically reduce wind drag resulting in better fuel mileage. 

​Crum is continually growing, and has recently installed a new fuel island to better accommodate drivers coming in from trips along with additional parking. 

Specialized Services

Crum is always trying to find a way to make our services as efficient as possible to not only create savings for ourselves, but our customers as well. 

  • Reduced inventory costs.​
  • Original mode was LTL.
  • Shorter cycle times.
  • Multiple plant tracking.
  • Container management.

Specialized Services - Multi-plant Consolidation Case Study #1

  • Worked with a division of a first tier auto parts manufacturer.
  • ​Analyzed and developed a plan to co-load and consolidate inbound shipments from Tennessee vendors destined to two individual plants.​
  • Two new "milkruns" were established achieving annual savings of $116,880.

Specialized Services - Multi-plant Consolidation Case Study #2

  • Cleveland area "milkrun".​
  • Replaced a carrier with a history of service failures. Identified synergies between Cleveland suppliers with inbound LTL shipments to two divisions of a tier one auto manufacturer.​
  • Coordinated the "milkrun" to capitalize on synergies. Annual savings where $80,880

Specialized Services - Multi-plant Consolidation Case Study #3

  • Automotive supplier.​
  • Original mode was LTL.
  • Locations shipped from included: Auburn Hills, MI; Fenton, MI; Fremont, OH; Livonia, MI and Utica, MI.
  • Annualized transportation cost for LTL exceeded $180,000.
  • Converted LTL shipments to "multi-stop" truckload.
  • Mode conversion has resulted in net annualized savings of over $54,000 or 30%.