We are always trying to find a way to make our services as efficient as possible, to not only create savings for ourselves, but our customers as well. 

Trucking Services
  • Multi-stop “milkruns”
  • JIT/Expedited transportation
  • General Truckloads and Large LTL
  • US and Canada operating authority
  • Service to and from Mexico
Specialized Services
  • Mode Conversion (LTL to TL Milkrun)
  • Container management
  • Return Container Management
  • Dedicated Services
  • Cross Docking
  • Driver Relay Expedite Service
  • Team Driver Service
  • Driver Assist Service
  • Freight Decking
  • Hazardous Material Handling
Benefits of Mode Conversion
  • Reduced Inventory Cost
  • Near elimination of damaged freight
  • Shorter Cycle Times
  • Less dock traffic

Our Equipment

The entire 160+ fleet consists of Kenworth and Volvo trucks that are equipped with Cummins engines. Staying current with low emission regulations; we have several trucks with 2010 emissions which require DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). We have the latest asset tracking technology installed for greater efficiency, with the least amount of driver intrusion.

The majority of our 400+ trailers are outfitted with wind wings, which dramatically reduce wind drag resulting in better fuel mileage.  A high percentage of trailers are Dry Van, with a few specialized trailers in the fleet to accommodate customers’ needs.  Our trailers have air ride with logistic posts for decking and securement and are also outfitted with SkyBitz Satellite Tracking which includes location and loaded status.

​Crum is continually growing, and has recently installed a new fuel island to better accommodate drivers coming in from trips along with additional parking and an inspection bay.

Disruptions Happen – We’ve got it covered
  • Route Recovery is Essential
    • We understand the importance of “JIT Service”
    • Assembly lines are the main arteries of you and your customer
    • Crum understands that when equipment breaks down or drivers have health issues, replacement equipment or a driver must be assigned promptly.
      • Crum has national accounts with equipment rental companies
      • We have flown drivers out to meet single drivers in order to team delayed shipments
      • We have towed trailers to customers docks
      • We pull drivers in from other routes
  • Resourceful and Flexible Beyond the Norm
    • Late Added Orders
    • Last Minute Changes

Crum has achieved SmartWay certification by reducing our carbon footprint in the following ways:

  • Purchasing certified equipment
    • Volvo Tractors – Certified
      • Best aerodynamics
    • Utility Trailers – Certified
    • All outfitted with under trailer air fairings
    • Utilize low rolling resistance tires
  • Promoting fuel efficient driving
    • Continuous Driver Education
    • Vnomics Fuel Optimization
      • New data monitoring unit to help company and driver understand how their habits effect fuel economy