Crum Trucking is a transportation company with a modern logistics focus.

Our company is family-owned and built on honesty and trust through our employees to our customers. Through responsiveness and innovation, we are committed to being a premier provider of competitively priced, on-time freight solutions for our customers.

All drivers must be 21 years of age with a valid Class A CDL. Call 1-888-542-4197 Ext. 92 for more information.

Don’t have 1 year of OTR experience yet? Ask us about our Finishing Program for Student Drivers!

Trucking Services

As a top of the line transportation company, our roots in trucking are the core of our business. Our drivers are dedicated to transporting goods efficiently and safely. We have been trucking since 1963 and can offer a variety of services to meet your needs.

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Shop Services

Here at Crum Trucking, we have a fully equipped shop where we do all of the preventative maintenance on the equipment. There are Technicians working around the clock with our 24-hour coverage, so drivers can get assistance at any time. Our shop has up to date technology, and the personnel are always working with drivers to ensure all of our equipment is working properly, which will assure its safety and longevity.

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Our Freight

Plan. Life. Better. With 84% of our runs being dedicated, Drivers will know when they leave out, when they will be back, and what they will be making.

We understand the importance of a family & work-life balance so 95% of our Drivers are home at least once a week or more.


Crum Trucking’s Dispatch Department tries to keep 25 – 30 drivers per Driver Manager. This keeps that personal touch by knowing the driver’s name and not just their truck number.

We also have a Load Planner that keeps track of all of the open loads. The Load Planner offers out these loads by calling the driver and we do this by Years of Service to the company.

Transparent Pay

Knowing what each load pays on, leaves no surprises at the end of the week when you receive your pay stub. We operate on a percentage based pay system.

When our rates increase, your pay increases with it, and the stress of worrying about miles is eliminated.

Crum Logistics Services

Complicated logistics are our specialty. For third-party logistics information CLICK HERE to be taken to the website for Crum Logistics Services, Inc.

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of our team? ask about our current openings.

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