Earn Up to $3,000 per Referral

Referral Rules

A referral must be submitted prior to a recruiter speaking to or processing the application of the referred driver.

Referral must put the referring parties name on the application.

If you refer a finishing student, you will receive only the cash bonus 90 days after their completion of the finishing program (position date).

If there is any sort of dispute over how a new individual became aware of the position, the word of the new individual will decide who gets the bonus.

Referrals will be kept for a period of one year and then discarded. You may fill out a new form after the one-year period in order to keep the referral current.

Please see HR for the full list of rules and more details.

Refer a Full Time Experienced Driver – Receive $3,000

$1,500 After 90 Days 

$1,500 After 6 Months

Refer a Full Time Employee – Receive $1,000

Full Amount Paid After 90 Days

Finishing students referrals will be paid out after 90 days of graduating the Finishing Program 

Refer Any Part Time Employee – Receive $500

Full amount Paid After 90 Days